This Rakshabandhan: Resolution of safe tourism – Principal Secretary Shri Shukla

Will give security assurance to the tourist by giving Raksha Sankalp, Raksha Sutra Bandhan and Bhujriya
 *”Sankalp: Safe Tourism” campaign from 10 to 25 August 2022*

Bhopal. 09 august. Principal Secretary Tourism and Culture and Managing Director Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board Shri Sheo Shekhar Shukla informed that with the aim of developing more security and ease in the minds of women tourists in the tourist places of the state, this Raksha Bandhan Sankalp of safe tourism Campaign will be launched.  On the festival of Rakshabandhan, from August 10 to August 25, 2022, a sense of belonging and security will be created in the minds of tourists through cultural and social festivals and traditions of the state.  Under this, constructive activities like Tourist Raksha Sankalp, Raksha Sutra Bandhan by local women and tourists to service providers, security assurance by giving Bhujriya in Kajaria/Bhujaria festival, installation of Sawan swings in hotels will be done.  The Madhya Pradesh government is committed to the safety of women in the state.

Tourists will also be told about the diversity of Indian culture and the true meaning of the festivals by the project cooperation organization.  Through the District Archaeology Tourism and Culture Promotion Council, activities will be conducted in collaboration with voluntary organizations, individuals and institutions associated with tourism enterprises.  Through radio and social media, a resolution will be made from the people of the state regarding a safe tourist place, suggestions will be received through programs like Safety Talk.

Principal Secretary Shri Shukla has appealed to all the people of the state and people associated with tourism enterprises, hotel operators, auto taxi drivers, tour travel operators, guides, local traders etc. to participate in the campaign enthusiastically.  With this, tourists will be able to attract tourists by making tourism more safe, comfortable and better in the state.  This requires community awareness and sensitivity.

It is noteworthy that in collaboration with the Ministry of Women and Child Development and Tourism, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board is conducting “Safe Tourism Scheme for Women” at 50 tourist places in the state.  Its purpose is to inculcate a sense of security and ease among the women tourists at the tourist places of the state so that they can feel the joy during the tour.

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