Raj Bhavan fills with joy of students

Teams of students of Indian Council for Cultural Relations and Sehore visit

Bhopal, February 25. Students visited Raj Bhavan and toured the Garden, Sandipani Auditorium, Panchatantra Van, Udyan, Open Gym, Durbar Hall and other places and got information related to Raj Bhavan. Officers and employees of the Raj Bhavan were very much influenced with the curiosity of the children. Two teams of students visited the Raj Bhavan. In the first group, 58 residents of Tagore Hostel of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Residential Boys’ School, Sehore, visited Raj Bhavan. The second team of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations included 33 students from 8 countries, Nepal, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Thailand, Sudan, Kenya, Afghanistan and Nigeria.

Students from different countries visited Raj Bhavan. A student from Nepal told that it is a matter of pride to understand the science of Ayurveda in Dhanvantari Udyan of Raj Bhavan and to spread the benefits of its knowledge across the world. She told that despite being far from home, the students have not felt the distance during Covid period.

Masood Noori, a student from Afghanistan studying in Pt. Khushilal Sharma Ayurveda College, told that the people of India and the traditions here never let her miss home. She expressed her gratitude for the generous nature of Indians. Sharing her experience, Noori, who is pursuing a course in painting, said that she was very happy to come to Raj Bhavan. Abdullah, a Kenyan student studying at Nanaji Deshmukh University of Veterinary Sciences, said that he never faced language barrier in India. His Indian classmates guided him.

Controller Raj Bhavan Smt. Surabhi Tiwari expressed gratitude to the students who came to Raj Bhavan and told the students to move ahead in their lives by taking inspiration from the experiences and information gained during the Raj Bhavan visit. She congratulated the children and wished them all the best for their bright future.

Hindustan Samvad

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