Multi Layer, Multi Crop Model: Innovative Experiment to Grow 70 Crops in One Hectare

Bhopal, February 08.Avinash Dangi, a farmer of Bistan area of ​​Khargone district, has prepared a self-reliant model of agriculture for the economic progress of the farmers. His model is “Multi layer, multi crop, fruit forest, family, farming model”, and by adopting this he has earned good profit. Along with the farmer this model will directly benefit the agricultural land and the environment. Agriculture based on this model will help in nutrient and pest management, efficient use of irrigation water, more production with less cost and saving time. The production of essential crops of the family’s requirement will be possible at one place.

Farmer Shri Dangi has started farming according to this model in one hectare of his agricultural land from last June. He is doing innovative experiments by cultivating 70 types of crops. At present, 18 types of vegetables, 32 types of fruits and four spice crops are grown in his field. These crops are planted in 360 feet long twenty one rows of. A crop planted using advanced agricultural techniques is getting support for better production from the other crop.

Shri Dangi has taken green coriander, groundnut, urad, marigold flower and sweet corn crops during the period from June to December 2021, due to which he has earned a profit of about one lakh rupees. In his model, fruits, vegetables, grains and pulses are being grown in several rows on agricultural land keeping in mind the needs of a family during each season. At present, crops suitable for the season have been planted. Drip and flood irrigation is also being used.

Vegetables included in fast food are also being produced

Vegetables used in fast food are also being produced in the self-sufficient model of agriculture prepared by the farmer Shri Avinash. Along with the vegetables of the country, he has also grown vegetables grown in South China and East Asia in his farm. Among them green and black bokchoy, green and red lettuce, baccala, barbati, broccoli, French beans, cauliflower, red and white radish, red and green cabbage, purple and orange cauliflower, spinach and methi (fenugreek) are the main crops. Papaya, Surjana, banana, four species of custard apple, seven species of guava, coconut, mosambi, orange, mango, lemon, jackfruit, chikoo, fig, red and green amla, jamun, pomegranate, water-apple, litchi, cherry phalsa, cashew and Ramphal plants have also been planted in the field. At present the crops of arhar, gram, turmeric and ginger are about to ripen. In their place, preparations are being made to plant cucumber, bitter gourd, coriander, tomato, moong and medicinal crops.

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