Development of universities in the interest of students is the responsibility of Vice Chancellors

University curricula, educational arrangements and financial management should be in the best interest of the students
Conduct service works in rural areas with the help of students
Governor Shri Mangubhai Patel gave instructions in the meeting of Vice Chancellors

Bhopal 13 September .Governor Shri Mangubhai Patel has said that the development of the university in the interest of the students is the responsibility of the Vice-Chancellor. The Vice-Chancellor should utilise his talents and abilities to make the best use of the quality and resources of the University. Obtain everyone’s cooperation and suggestions to improve the academic and managerial systems of the University. Do not hesitate to innovate and take tough decisions for the betterment of the University. Governor Shri Patel was addressing the Vice Chancellors of 14 universities under the Higher Education Department at Raj Bhavan.

Governor Shri Mangubhai Patel said that universities are the centre of building the future of the coming generations of the country. They are the foundation of nation building. If the foundation is strong, then only the building can become strong and spacious. It is therefore necessary that the university curriculum, educational systems and financial management are in the best interest of the students. In view of the possibilities of employment, new courses should be started soon. Also, do not delay in abolishing such courses which have lost relevance. This will make possible better use of financial resources. He said that along with the grants of the State Government, efforts should be made to get grants from the Central Government and other institutions. Also, the university should develop its own resources. Try to get the amount from MP and MLA fund also.

Governor Shri Patel stressed on regular appointment of teachers. Regularity of teaching is essential for student engagement. Universities should encourage the students to cooperate with the underprivileged. Conduct service works in rural areas with the cooperation of students. Involve students in expanding the reach of government efforts to eradicate sickle cell anaemia. He stressed the need to speed up the cases of universities pending in the courts. He said that after scrutinizing the court cases of all the universities, similar cases should be identified. In consultation with the Advocate General, initiative should be taken to resolve the matter through fast track or Lok Adalats.

Principal Secretary to Governor Shri D.P. Ahuja said that for the upcoming academic session, the academic calendar set by the government should be prepared by dividing it course wise. Make a booklet of the exam and result dates of each course of each curriculum. Send a copy thereof to Raj Bhavan and publish it on the website of the University. He said that the vice-chancellors should independently decide in the interest of the university regarding the deletion, addition and faculty management of courses. Vacancies must be filled up in a timely manner.

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